You can buy PREI!

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Individual shapes, colors and sizes are possible!
The furniture series Prei is made up of used paper and includes a variety of stools, a bench, trash bins and a shelf.

The project was born out of the wish to create hand-crafted products from recyclable materials. Used paper is a ressource that constantly surrounds us. It can be reprocessed in various ways. After several experiments, converting the paper sheets into pulp appeared to be the best technique for this project. By adding kaolin and wood glue to the pulp, results in a very stable material. Vegetable dies and other natural additives, such as coal, give the objects their final touch and offer a color variety. Prei`s various shapes are created through manual labor with simple tools. The paper pulp is modeled onto a construction of brick stacks. Therefore, there is no fixed base shape, in fact, new forms can be created each time anew. The results are unique pieces, which are different from each other while fitting harmoniously into an overall picture.

The furniture is able to withstand the demands of everyday life and can be used like any other piece of furniture.


PREI at Passagen, Cologne 2017!


PREI and the kids!